Monday, 22 October 2012

Biomarkers in Understanding Society: policy potential

Thursday November 8th 2012, 2 – 5pm at the British Academy, London (tea/coffee available from 1.30pm).

This half-day event is aimed at policymakers to broaden their understanding of how biomarker data collected as part of the Understanding Society study could potentially inform policy research. The event will take the form of a seminar with speakers with specialist knowledge of the potential value of bio-markers, for example, in the field of epigenetics and public health. Speakers include Heather Laurie, Amanda Sacker, James Nazroo, Dieter Wolke and John Hobcraft.

The biomarker data combined with the social and environmental data contained in the study have significant applications for public health policy and this event aims to bring the potential of the data to the attention of policy makers across a range of government departments as well as within the third sector. This is an innovative and exciting area of research and the event aims to provide data users information about the data that will be available and the opportunity to discuss potential uses of the data to address policy concerns. This event will be of interest to policy makers, academic and policy researchers and PhD students.There is no need to register.

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