Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A new way to search for data: Discovery is released in beta

Visitors to the ESDS website will now find a new way to search and browse for data collections and other materials.

Discovery, a new faceted search and browse interface, has been released in beta form so it can be improved and refined with user interaction and feedback. It will run alongside the existing Data Catalogue search while it is still in beta; links to Discovery can be found from the Data Catalogue.

The aim of Discovery is to make data discovery easier and more streamlined for all users of the new UK Data Service. Discovery expands not only the ways in which users can search, but also the types of things that they can search for.

It offers visitors the chance to search and browse for a variety of data-related materials:

·         data collections disseminated via the UK Data Service
·         the contents of ESRC Data Store
·         case studies showing how the data have been used
·         support guides showing how to use the data
·         publications and outputs associated with the data

Discovery allows users to browse using filters and offers some new and interesting functions, such as suggestions of other data collections that may be of interest and the ability to move from related data to case studies and support guides. Of course, it is still possible to search in more traditional ways as well.
Discovery is still in development and UKDS are very keen to improve it. All comments on any aspect of its functionality or content will be warmly welcomed. Please do tell them what you think, either by email to comms@data-archive.ac.uk or using the feedback form on the Discovery page.

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