Friday, 30 March 2012

Final Reports from the Migration Statistics Improvement Programme

Five final reports were published on Tuesday 27th March and can be found on the MSIP latest news page:

1. Migration Statistics Improvement Programme Final Report

In April 2008, the Office for National Statistics established the Migration Statistics Improvement Programme. This report describes why the programme was created, the outputs that have been delivered and the benefits that have been achieved or will be achieved as a result of the Programme.

2. A Conceptual Framework for Population and Migration Statistics

Reporting on the conceptual framework for UK population and migration statistics which will underpin the development of population and migration statistics in the future, and will facilitate communication between users and providers.

3. Using administrative data to set plausibility ranges for population estimates in England and Wales

Reporting on the approaches and data sources used for setting plausibility ranges for population estimates. Administrative sources are combined to set an upper and lower limit within which population estimates might reasonably be expected to fall.

4. Strategy for Delivering Statistical Benefits from e-Borders

This report describes the relevance of e-Borders to migration statistics and explains how the work will be taken forward over the next few years.

5. Research Report: Uncertainty in Local Authority Mid Year Population Estimates

Describes the methodology used to develop Quality Indicators for Population Estimates which are published alongside the report for each local authority in England and Wales. The report also describes the methodology to develop a Statistical Measure of Uncertainty for each local authority which will be published later in 2012.

March 2012 Road Shows:

If you are interested in viewing the presentation slides from these road shows, they are now available at:

A report summarising feedback from the March road shows will be published later in the year once the responses have been collated.

Future Contact: The IMPS mail box will continue to be available for feedback on aspects of the MSIP programme or have questions for the ongoing research team relating to the programme:

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