Wednesday, 11 January 2012

ADLS portal

The Portal of the Administrative Data Liaison Service ( is a new online development designed to hold methods, models and code used in administrative data research.  The aim of P-ADLS is to improve the consistency, quality and quantity of administrative data related research by allowing researchers to view, replicate and develop existing resources. 

There are currently over fifty resources in the P-ADLS Bank.  As examples, recent submissions shared by researchers include code to help define avoidable mortality and code to distinguish disabling and limiting health conditions.

The ADLS are keen to continue to expand  the resources already held in the P-ADLS Bank.   As it is recognised that the preparation and sharing of code requires goodwill, time and effort, the ADLS are currently offering a £20 Amazon gift token for code submissions that are subsequently published.  Full details on how to submit resources and offer terms are available from the link above.  

The P-ADLS Bank is also a useful way to highlight your research work amongst the academic community.  All new resources added by you to the P-ADLS Bank will be tweeted by the ADLS.  You can sign up to receive these tweets by following us at!/adlstweet.

As this is a new development, the ADLS would welcome your thoughts and comments.  If you need any further information then please contact me the ADLS manager: 
Darren Lightfoot, 
Telephone: 01334 46 3901

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