Thursday, 6 September 2012

New 27 country model of EUROMOD announced

The first-ever all-EU version of the microsimulation model, EUROMOD, has been released to the research community.

EUROMOD is a tax-benefit microsimulation model for the European Union (EU) that enables researchers and policy analysts to calculate, in a comparable manner, the effects of taxes and benefits on household incomes and work incentives for the population of each country and for the EU as a whole.

EUROMOD is managed, maintained, developed and updated by the Microsimulation Unit, a team of researchers in ISER. This is done in collaboration with national experts.

The current version of EUROMOD represents the accumulation of technical developments and expertise over a number years and involving a large team of people. For more information about EUROMOD’s design and development, including a current project, go to EUROMODupdate2.

Some simple statistics showing the redistributive effects of taxes and benefits in the EU, calculated by EUROMOD, can be viewed here: EUROMOD statistics

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